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Hydrostatic Body Composition Testing

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Frequently Asked Questions

First time getting dunked? Read our most frequently asked questions about how it all works. Trust us, it’s easy!

It's absolutely the best way!

How many calories you really need to lose extra fat and not your muscleIf you’ve ever wanted to get started on a plan to make real progress, or want to get back on track, getting your body composition tested in our hydrostatic tank is a great way to accurately and precisely benchmark your fitness.

Testing takes just 10 minutes

Getting a hydrostatic test with us takes just 10 minutes, and afterward, you’ll get a detailed report to keep, showing:

  • Your fat and fat-free body mass, as percentages and in actual weight
  • How much fat, if any, you need to lose to achieve your desired body composition
  • How many calories you really need to lose extra fat and not your muscle
  • How many calories you burn from different exercises – again, specifically for your body
  • Where your body composition % falls on a general scale for your age and gender
  • Your comparative history, if you’ve been tested before
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